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Quickest Ways To Add Google Reviews Widget to Elementor Website

Do you have an Elementor website? And looking to turn it into more engaging and credible? Well, we might have the right solution for you.

And that is to embed Google Review Widget On the Elementor website. Read this blog till the end to learn more about this strategy, and ways to do it with ease.

The internet and the marketspace have established an interdependence on each other and thus marketers can now effectively use the power of the internet to endorse their brand in both physical and virtual markets. The reviews and feedback it has received online form the crux of the User Generated Content making virtual marketing or social marketing genuine or legitimate.

When we search for different products/services on the internet, we often come across reviews that somehow influence and impact our buying and surfing patterns online as buyers and visitors on a particular webpage. This makes embedding Google Review Widget on Elementor web pages a favorable option. 

With multiple reviews feeds to choose from, the segregation process can become endless and tiring, and marketers should keenly focus on building a strong, visually appealing, and engaging website as this can prove to be a game changer for them. Thus,  here is where Elementor comes to the rescue of the website designers. 

One of the leading and trusted website page builders. Elementor not only helps in creating a noteworthy brand presence but also helps in creating online recognition among new audiences. Whereas Google reviews provide more authenticity and genuineness to a particular brand. This eventually results in high conversion rates and more potential consumers.

Why Does Your Business Need Google Review Widget On Elementor?

Here are some vital insights shedding light on the importance of adding a Google review widget to Elementor:

  • When marketers display the Google review widgets on their websites it creates a brand image in the mind of the masses and grants genuineness to it.
  •  It helps in reducing the bounce rate as these feeds hook the viewers on the page
  •  It also creates social proof and boosts the User Generated Content.

After learning about some of the basic advantages of this strategy, you might be thinking this might be a complex process., right? Allow us to burst your bubble. Below mentioned are a few prominently used social media aggregator tools that make this task quick and simple;

A). Tagembed


One of the leading, prominent, and easy-to-use social media aggregator tools is Tagembed. It has a variety of templates and customization options available to choose from along with the feature to adjust the height and width of the widget as desired by the user.

The tool also has an automated update feature, which helps the user to always be updated with the trends and publish social media feeds content accordingly. The tool also has features such as moderation and a profanity filter. From the viewpoint of price, the tool is very much affordable and feasible for users.

The tool is easy to use; the user has to simply copy and paste the embedded code on the website’s backend, and they can go ahead and publish their content!

B). Elfsight


Elfsight is yet another very popular aggregator tool, which allows its users to curate and embed social feeds from different social media platforms and display them on their webpages to engage their audiences. 

With the help of this tool, you can embed Google reviews widget on your Elementor website and even use the customization feature to give a personal touch to your feed as this lends authenticity to your webpage.

C). The Plus Addon Social Widget

The Plus Addon Social Review Widget

The Plus Addon Social Review Widget is one of the most trusted tools in the market that provides you with a channelized and streamlined arrangement of Google Review widgets. The tool also enables its users to embed a Review widget to the respective Elementor website. The tool makes embedding hassle-free and convenient for the users and provides them the option to customize their feed as per their wish.

To Sum Up

Lastly, we can say a strong and engaging website will eventually garner more traffic than your competitors and thus website building is a game changer for your business. 

To make it more attractive and appealing to the masses out there website builders can embed the Elementor Google Review Widget on their website.


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