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Google Review Is Not Showing On Website – Finally Resolved

In the internet-driven world where we want our businesses to bloom further, website owners and enthusiasts should embed Google reviews on their websites. Google is amongst the trusted and looked-up search engines and review platforms currently.

Embedding Google reviews makes your business website stand out and apart from your competitors and boosts your website traffic. However, there are times when the user faces problems like needing help to figure out why their My Google Review is not showing on their website despite having followed the correct and recommended procedures. Not to worry, we have got our readers covered through this article.

Well, there can be multiple reasons for troubleshooting this problem of Google reviews not showing on your website.  However, finding a suitable and appropriate resolution for this problem is not a very mammoth task. And to fix the issue, you do not need to take any complicated and heavy technical expertise measures. Just simply follow these suggested measures below, and you are good to go! 

Hunting Down Significant Solutions For Why Google Review is Not Showing:

 Why Google Review is Not Showing

As per our observations, in most cases, the problem arises when some of the mentioned reviews revoke the guidelines and validations authorized by the platform. The matter of appropriate content and spam is a significant consideration as per the review platform. We have curated a list of solutions that can be implemented to overcome the problem of Google Reviews not showing on your website.

1). Turn on auto-update for your aggregator tool:

The reason why your Google Reviews or the new and latest reviews often don’t appear on your website is that your Auto-Update function or button is turned off. You need to follow these steps to switch on the Auto-update button of your aggregator tool for better website performance and overall functioning;

a). Login to your aggregator tool account, and look for the option where you can switch the auto update on or off.

b). Switch your Auto-Update on.

c). Finally, save the changes made. And you are good to go!

2). Turn your feed status on:

Many times the users have complained that their Google Review is not showing on their website. Another possibility of this happening can be because their feed status might be switched off, and they are not aware of it. You just have to keenly follow the below-mentioned steps to swiftly turn on your feed status.

a). To start with, Login to your chosen aggregator tool, then locate the option where you can opt to change the feed status.

b). Turn the Status on.

c). Apply and save the changes made. And like this, your feed status will be on.

3). Post moderation:

The next simple step is to check whether or not you have put up any set moderation features or parameters in the past. Also, sometime back, you set a post private; this changes the configuration of the review cycle. Just follow the necessary steps to display the reviews freely.

a). Login to your aggregator tool.  And look for the option which allows you to moderate and customize.

b). Make your preferable posts public & private as per your liking.

c). Make required changes. Click on the close button, after applying and saving changes made.

4). Check your pricing plan:

Next up is to check and brush up on the details regarding your pricing plan.  Sometimes in the bleak of multiple tasks, we forget to upgrade pricing plans. Hands down, this is a crucial step you cannot skip to enjoy displaying desired and influential Google Reviews on your website in real-time and without interruptions.

And as we know, each selected pricing plan serves us with different and variant features. And each plan caters to a different service, so you might have skipped updating the plan. Thus, check the validity and features of your plan, which might leave you hassle-free the next time. 

5). Clear browser cache:

At times your website is unable to display the new and latest reviews because of the cache problem of your persistent browser. You simply have to delete your browser’s cache to get away with this problem. Also, you can check if the problem still persists due to a cache issue or if it is related to something else by opening and looking for it in a separate browser window.

You can also time to time, make sure to clear the junk or cache data. This gradual habit of periodically deleting and updating will make the functioning of your website much more smooth and more efficient than ever before. And eventually, you will be able to showcase desired and latest Google Reviews on your business website.

Over to You

The best way to save time and effort is to embed the Google reviews on your website. This makes the task of monitoring and maintenance efficient and easy for the user. And at the end of the day, successfully adding positive and impactful Google Reviews on your website can change your entire game of marketing. 

We sincerely hope that this article was useful enough for our readers and they will be able to clear the smoke clouds around why My Google Review is not showing on the website. On top of that, the readers can embed the Google reviews widget on their websites to avoid such hindrances in the website’s performance. 


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